LED Open Sign

Broadcast your business hours and your dynamic promotions with a single open closed sign

For only $32.10 per month, broadcast dynamic promotions, store hours, and health and safety procedures with Nummax’s digital business hours sign. What’s more: leverage this unique space to create a new revenue stream for your business by displaying advertising from your suppliers. 

Visible at 100+ feet even on a bright sunny day, this open closed sign is light, slim and easy to install. 

The LED Open Sign Wi-Fi connection will allow you to upload, update and schedule your promotions in real time via your laptop, thanks to the Nummax Manager Content Management System. 

Say goodbye to open closed signs from another era and boost your sales with storefront dynamic advertising.

Grab customers’ attention and increase in-store traffic

Reach audiences in any brightness condition 

Visible through tinted storefronts 

Noticeable at 100+ feet

Broadcast your promotions easily

Broadcast pictures, animations and videos

Create slideshows

Build your own template

Broadcast time, weather, countdowns and more!

Get a quick return on investment

For a monthly payment of $32.10 or a single investment of $1,369, broadcast your own promotions.

Easy to install


  • Requires less electricity than two 100-watt light bulbs
  • 10-year lifespan
  • 3-year warranty

LED Open Sign Technical Specifications

Total dimensions (W x H x D) 640 x 750 x 30 mm 25.19 x 29.52 x 1.18 in
Brightness 1800 nits
Viewing distance (minimum) 13 ft / 4 m
Lifetime 100 000 H+
Power AC-110-240 V
Warranty 3 years (parts & labor)
Working environment Window interior
Weight 15.5 kg / 35 lbs
Communication Wi-Fi / Cable

Advantages of digital signage solutions


Our easy-to-use Management Software, Nummax Manager, lets you remotely plan the broadcast of all types of contents in minutes. Dynamic signage makes it possible to tailor your messages to the time of day or the needs of different markets.

Simple, flexible broadcasting

Up-to-date communication, campaigns that are better received and more effective as a result of cutting-edge technology, which enhances your organization’s image.

Eye-catching and attractive

Striking, responsive communication made possible through the display of messages in real time.


Optimum return on investment and rapid results through an effective marketing strategy. Dynamic signage will give your messages more impact than ever.

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