digital displays

The use of digital display walls and menus has become standard in dynamic signage. These high-resolution tools allow for unlimited broadcasting of messages, drawing users’ attention, informing, and entertaining them. Perfect in waiting rooms, businesses and restaurants, this equipment allows you to enhance your image at a very affordable cost.

Each of our digital displays is custom manufactured to your needs, for detailed technical information, please contact us.


Eye-catching and attractive

Striking, responsive communication made possible through the display of messages in real time.


Up-to-date communication, campaigns that are better received and more effective as a result of cutting-edge technology, which enhances your organization’s image.


Optimum return on investment and rapid results through an effective marketing strategy. Dynamic signage will give your messages more impact than ever.


A significant reduction in your marketing investment, using an infinite variety of messages at very low production cost, which can be replaced as often as you wish. You can even test their performance to optimize their effectiveness.

LED digital displays advantages versus LCD wall


No grid lines or borders within the image


1500 nits versus 350 to 450 nits

Electricity consumption

Up to 40 % less for LED digital displays


100,000 hrs versus 60 000 hrs


Change of small modules with the same brightness versus LCD screens that are difficult to calibrate


Directly on the wall without needing an LCD wall mount

Standard 1.9mm

1120x640 mm pre-assembled modular case.
Resolution per case:
588 x 336 pixels

Standard 2.5mm

1120x640 mm pre-assembled modular case.
Resolution per case:
448 x 256 pixels

Standard 3mm

1344x768 mm pre-assembled modular case.
Resolution per case:
448 x 256 pixels

Nummax Video Wall