your pixel pitch!
6.67 or 5.33 mm

Elevate Your Audience Experience with High-Performance 360°
LED Display Solution for Sports, Cultural, and Commercial Events

Choose the LED JumboCube

The JumboCube isn’t just another display; it’s a revolutionary solution that transforms your events into mesmerizing and immersive visual spectacles. Leave a lasting impression on your audience by incorporating this state-of-the-art dynamic display, elevating your events to unforgettable heights.

Choose the JumboCube and embark on a journey of innovative visual communication, introducing a new dimension to your event and sports venues. Let your audience experience a whole new level of engagement and make your events truly memorable with this cutting-edge technology.

  • High definition picture
  • Low power consumption
  • High brightness LEDs
  • Simplified installation
  • Ultra slim body
  • Light
  • 5 year warranty

A turnkey dynamic LED display for your communication!

In our vibrant urban environment, event and sports infrastructures hold a pivotal role in providing unforgettable cultural and sporting experiences. These bustling public and municipal spaces draw us in, seeking moments that leave a lasting impression.

To cater to these expectations, Nummax proudly presents the JumboCube, a cutting-edge 4-sided LED display, each boasting an impressive 4.09 m² (44.08 ft²) surface area, delivering 360° communication to captivate an exceptionally large audience.

Crafted with a durable aluminum structure, the JumboCube offers a seamless turnkey solution, ready for immediate use. Gone are the days of needing additional structures; you can now effortlessly mount it directly onto your building’s framework. The JumboCube’s sleek and slender design ensures a seamless integration with your building’s architecture, creating an immersive visual experience that leaves your audience in awe.

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    Easy installation in all your public, private and municipal spaces

    • Arena
    • Theater
    • Convention center
    • Corporate lobby
    • Lobby
    • Station
    • Airport
    • Mall
    • Bowling alley
    • Gymnasium
    • Indoor soccer field
    • Automotive showroom
    • Casino
    • Grocery and supermarket
    • Logistics warehouse
    • Bus garage
    • Other high traffic areas

    Broadcast dynamic content to inform or entertain​

    The JumboCube is engineered to deliver seamless real-time content broadcasting, whether you need to showcase sports results, convey impactful advertising messages, or stream live videos. Boasting a vivid and uniform color image, this cutting-edge display offers unrivaled definition among high-brightness LED screens in its class. Prepare to captivate your audience with remarkable image quality that will undoubtedly grab their attention.

    • Sports results
    • Advertising banners
    • Custom messages
    • Live videos
    • Signage
    Technical Specifications
    Pixel pitch5.33 mm6.67 mm
    Resolution (px) per side480 x 300384 x 240
    Brightness5000 nits
    Viewing distance (minimum)6 m / 19 pi7 m / 23 pi
    MEVD (Invisible Pixels)9.5 m / 31 pi12 m / 39 pi

    Max consumption 4 sides

    Average consumption 4 sides4096W
    Display surface (L x H) per side2560 x 1600 mm / 100.7 x 63 po
    Overall dimensions (L x l x H)2560 x 2560 x 1600 mm / 100.7 x 100.7 x 63 po
    DEL typeSMD 3:1
    Color capacity8 bits
    Refresh rate3840 Hz +
    Frequence60 Hz +
    Colour typeRVB
    Viewing angleH140°, V140°
    Lifespan100 000 H+
    PowerAC-110-240 V
    Warranty5 yrs parts & 2 yrs labor
    Compliancec ETL us / FCC / Can-ICES-003
    Working temperature-5 / 60 °C
    Working humidity10-80%
    Weight680 kg / 1500 lbs
    PlayerWindows ou Android
    CommunicationCable Ethernet
    MaintenanceFront access
    Anchors and hanging cablesIncluded
    Get a Quote

    Get a JumboCube Quote

    Let us know your location and the environment for the JumboCube.
    We will get back to you with the project price.