The NUMMAX line of products

In designing its products, NUMMAX is always looking for innovation, durability, and simplicity.
Our products are cETLus certified, with an additional IP65 certification for our outdoor products.

Adhering to current ethical and technical standards in the field of digital signage is of the utmost importance to the Nummax team.

Dynamic digital signage is a rapidly-growing communication tool, and our products can be delivered anywhere in the world, no matter where you are located.

LED digital displays

Our LED digital displays allow you to welcome visitors and broadcast a message, promotion, or information to your target clientele.

You can have a static or dynamic message, and you can change it instantaneously, as required.

Unlike traditional LCD screens and display walls, Nummax’s LED screens and display walls have a high luminosity and no black edge around them. Their life span is 40% longer than LCD screens (100,000 hours compared to 60,000), and they consume less electricity.

Ideal in a hall, arena or open space, an LED sign is an ideal tool for drawing the public’s attention.

LED digital windows

Nummax’s line of screens for LED digital windows is the ideal professional solution for businesses that want to draw the attention of passers-by and encourage them to come in.

Incorporated behind a display window, these LED screens allow your content to be readable in full sunlight, and are designed to operate in high heat with no darkening of the image.

Interactive kiosks

Currently a major trend, interactive kiosks are an excellent way to capture people’s attention and get your messages out. Consumers do their own searches on a touch screen, automatically letting you know what they are interested in. They have a positive impact on your brand image, presenting you as a modern, innovative business. Simple, intuitive and fun to use, interactive kiosks provide real added value at a trade show or exhibition, in store, or during promotional events in public spaces.

Management Software

All our products come with the Management Software Nummax Manager. It’s so simple that it only takes 20 minutes of training to be ready to use it.

Nummax Manager allows you to program in advance the broadcast of a variety of messages including images, videos, or messages on different screens.