About Nummax A successful, innovative dynamic signage company.

Thanks to its experienced, professional team and robust, powerful technology, Nummax offers a comprehensive range of dynamic signage services. Nummax specializes in the manufacture and installation of digital display products. We will support you through every stage of your projects, from design through installation, technical support, and after-sales service.

Mission and vision


To design, manufacture and market digital display equipment in a context of innovation and total quality, giving constant attention to customer satisfaction and close collaboration with customers.


To be a key player in developing digital signage solutions by offering our customers innovative, powerful, user-friendly, custom-built products in order to maximize the impact of their communication.


  1. Innovation

    Nummax’s history is marked by innovative ideas and inventive advances in commercial signage, sustained by technology, trend spotting and creativity.

  2. Simplicity

    Simple and effective! Offering products using the latest technology is a challenge when it comes to making it accessible to all users. Our aim is to provide all the advantages of innovative products by making them easy to use and manage, and in order to do this, we adapt our solutions so that every user can independently manage their messages and promotions.

  3. Know-How

    Meeting our customers’ needs by offering high-performance equipment is the foundation of our business. However, a project’s success does not depend on the quality of the product alone. A project is a kind of alchemy in which a number of factors come into play: the environment, needs analysis, recommendations on use, optimal, safe installation, customer follow-up, and more. That is where we offer added value. Through their experience and their desire to serve everyone’s interests to the best of their ability, the members of our team are able to meet these challenges.

Our team

Our whole team shares the same vision: to contribute to our customers’ success by providing them with the best advice for their projects and the highest quality service. We are a group of professionals who are fully dedicated to your projects and do everything in our power to deliver quality that is second to none and made-to-measure solutions. A group whose know-how, expertise and passion make all the difference. Our multidisciplinary team is on the cutting edge of technology.From analyzing customers’ needs to design, manufacture, graphic design, installation and after-sales service, we support our clients throughout their experience with dynamic signage. We will be delighted to take care of your image. Please don’t hesitate to contact us: your complete satisfaction is just a call away.Contact us to get the benefit of our expertise in digital solutions.


As owner of PC en vrac, and after more than 25 years in the world of IT, computer manufacturing and equipment sales, Réal Proulx realized that the demand for light-emitting diode (LED) screens was showing very strong growth, particularly in Asia.So, in pursuit of a new technology business in the field of dynamic digital signage, in 2009 he founded Contrôle Concept Dynamique with a line of electronic screens. Soon after, to adapt to municipal regulations, Mr. Proulx developed additional products: indoor LED signage for display windows and interactive terminals.Passionate about research and development, Mr. Proulx cares deeply about the quality and performance of his products. He dedicates all his energy to building his company, and in 2016, investors joined with him to support its growth. This association with the company IMMAGGS and the Camada Group is aimed at accelerating the company’s expansion on the Canadian and American markets.There could be no doubt that Contrôle Concept Dynamique was headed for growth and positioning itself as a leader.To clearly mark the company’s new strategy, CCD opted for a new identity, Nummax, placing the emphasis on its strengths: innovation, quality, satisfaction and close collaboration with customers. This has rejuvenated and revitalized the company’s image, and the values that are dear to Réal Proulx are at the heart of the work done by his team: service, innovation, know-how, communication, and results.Today, Nummax is a Canadian company specializing in the manufacture, design and installation of both indoor and outdoor display products using cutting-edge technology. Our LED products are of a quality and durability that is second to none. From small screens to highway sign boards, Nummax offers custom-built signage solutions that meet your needs and objectives.


Right from the design stage, Nummax pays careful attention to environmental impact and guarantees the high quality of its products, specially designed to last.


With the advance of new technology, consumers are becoming more and more demanding, and they expect to get more information more quickly. One of the goals of digital signage is to replace traditional paper signage with a screen or dynamic terminal and display a range of information that is targeted based on the context, and allows for an unlimited variety of formats.

Our promise

  • Rigorous quality control
  • Custom-built, flexible solutions that bring together high technology, simplicity and efficiency
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Competitive prices
  • Constantly developing products and services
  • Products that are highly resistant to intense weather conditions (heat, rain or cold)
  • Solutions that are the result of recognized expertise

Over the years, Nummax has provided its expertise in dynamic signage solutions and allowed small and medium businesses and large corporations, municipalities and other organizations to increase the visibility of their messages. Our team’s constant research into dynamic display technology allows us to provide dependable products, effective software solutions that are easy to use, and personalized customer service today. The most important thing for Nummax is to listen to our customers, understand their real needs, and provide them with custom-built solutions, no matter how simple or complex they may be.

Réal Proulx