LED Pro Poster

Stop wasting your time managing print poster campaigns and build your own dynamic broadcasting network with the easy-to-install LED PRO Poster.

  • Broadcast dynamic promotions according to the time of the day
  • Localize your marketing campaigns
  • Roll out your marketing campaigns in seconds in all your stores
  • Make your marketing team works only on selling more (and not managing printing and shipping for all franchisees)
  • Attract and engage passersby, day and night, at 100+ feet
  • Installation time: 20 minutes and no IT required!
  • Plug & play solution
  • Sleek and thin design
  • User-friendly content management system
  • 10-year lifespan
  • 3-year warranty on parts and labor
  • Canadian based company with North American product and support standards

Take advantage of our affordable Canada- and USA-wide shipping, product guarantee and support!

*Price does not include shipping, installation, or cloud software subscription.


3-year warranty

Brightness control

Software included

North-American support


Communicate New COVID-19 Measures and Procedures

Use the time where people are lined up in front of stores to communicate the new health and safety measures and new procedures that have been put into place. Show customers how to access, shop or pick up their orders!

covid LED Pro Poster for storefront windows
Brightness night and day

Reach Audience in Any Brightness Condition

With THE LED POSTER PRO, advertisements will look sharp and reach audienxes in any brightness conditions whter it is sunny, cloudy or night.

Fast Payback

With a price range between 998 $ CAD and 2,398 $ CAD you can simply reallocate a printed poster budget into a real-time marketing machine— and still achieve substantial savings!

thin design

Sleek and Modern Design

With a thickness of 30 mm, its modern design and sleek installation, the LED Pro Poster will seamlessly blend into a store’s brand.

No print,
No waste,
10 year lifespan

With a fast payback and 10-year lifespan, you will focus on creating results-driven marketing initiatives, rather than waste time and money on logistics.

LED Poster demo
LED Poster demo

Attract & Engage Customers communicate health

Nummax is your go-to source for all your display and signage needs. Tap into our creativity, affordable and innovative solutions, and business mindset. We’ll help you reach a whole new level in broadcasting.


Tilting roller stand

Does your business open into a large interior space and do you already display your products in your windowfront?
Use the LED PRO Poster with its tilting roller stand to display your promotions. With its solid base, you’ll have a mobile display solution that will grab the attention of passersby long before they show up in front of your business.


Are you already managing printed poster campaigns to show your promotions?

Do you have different promotions according to the day of the week or the time of the day?

Do you have multiple locations?

If your answer is “yes” to one of these questions, you will generate great results from the LED PRO Poster.

The level of brightness of regular TVs is not high enough to make your promotions stand out during a sunny day or behind window’s reflection.

Pro TVs are a bit better; however, they are very expensive and only have a 5-year lifespan.

The LED PRO Poster has been designed to be affordable, visible day and night, and easy to install (installation bracket is included). It also has a 10-year lifespan!


It is possible to manage content locally with a hardwired connection to the LED PRO Poster or via a wireless local network not connected to the Internet.

However, if you want to manage multiple LED PRO Posters in multiple locations or schedule promotions according to the time of the day or the day of the week, you will have to connect it on the Internet. But no worries, it is very easy to do!


All connections require an ID and a password to secure the broadcasting network.

In order to control remotely all your LED PRO Posters and schedule your promotions, you will have to subscribe to the cloud version of the Nummax Content Manager.

If not, a local and free version of the Nummax Manager software is already included in your LED Poster.


Nummax Manager


Nummax Manager


Control1 software per display1 subscription per street address
Brightness control
Advanced display control
Maintenance alert system
Create playlists
Edit playlists
Broadcast images and videos
Schedule playlists in the calendar
Schedule medias
Schedule commands (switch off, brightness,…)
Store your medias (images, videos)
Create templates
Marketing reports (statistics)
Multi-display synchronization
Create an automatic Open-Close sign according to your opening hours
Images and videos
Single line text
Multi-line text
Date and hours
Web page (URL)
RSS feed (URL)
Environment data (requires sensors)
Images and videos synchronization

You can broadcast images (.jpg .png .bmp .gif) and videos (.mp4 .avi .mov .wmv) as well as other types of content included in the Nummax Manager software, such as text, time and your website.


There is no content in your display except the Nummax jingle.


We have a smaller size called LED Open-Close Sign (640 x 640 mm / 25.19″ x 25.19″).

Visit the product page to order.

The LED PRO Poster comes with a bracket and an installation guide. The sign can be installed on a window frame or ceiling.

Do not install the LED PRO Poster outside. It is intended for indoor use only.

Check our Installation Guide for more details.

3 years on parts and labor. Check our complete warranty here.

All parts, replacement, service and support are handled by Nummax in Quebec, Canada.

Service & support:  1-877-255-3471 #205  EST

The LED PRO POster is designed, built and shipped by Nummax in Quebec, Canada.

All support and communication are in English and French, and provided by our team in Canada.