Self-Service Kiosk

Increase sales and reduce long line-ups with the 32” Nummax self-ordering kiosk

  • Increase the average spending per person with upselling and cross-selling opportunities on each and every order
  • Enhance order accuracy by letting customers selecting, reviewing and submitting their order
  • Reduce line up by adding self-ordering kiosks to your cashier manpower
  • Free up your staff of mundane tasks and move them to tasks enhancing customer experience or product quality
  • Reduce in-person interactions and protect the health of your workers
  • 4 different installation configurations to fit into your business layout
  • Many options available such as receipt printing, payment processing bracket, scanners for loyalty programs and integrated HD camera, NFC, stand and wheels
  • Equipped with an infrared touchscreen which does not require contact with skin
  • Available with either Windows or Android operating systems
  • 3-year warranty
  • North American based company with associated product and support standards

Benefit from our great product guarantee and North American support!


3-year warranty

Infrared touchscreen

Windows or Android OS

North-American support

Related options

Pinpad bracket

Pinpads are used to make financial transactions. Pinpads are compatible with all payment processors. Choose the pinpad bracket option and install your payment terminal.


Printers are used to print receipts of financial transactions or order confirmations.

Floor stand  & Wheels

Several installation configuration are available. Choosing the floor stand with the wheels option will be a flexible solution and allow you to move your self-service kiosk in your area.


With the Near Field Communication, you can increase the interactivity with your customers. Allow payments with cellphone, data sharing with the kiosk, apply promotions, share your store wifi password, and much more.


Do you want to accept fidelity cards or coupons? You need a scanner to make this part of the transaction as swift as the wind.


You can add a camera on your kiosk for your specific needs and work with any application on Windows or Android OS.
self-service features


The Nummax interactive digital self-service is equipped with an infrared touchscreen. The screen is completely covered with an invisible beem.

This technology does not require real contact (contact with skin or a similar material) with the surface of the screen.
Very useful and safe due to the global pandemic, users wear gloves to interact with your kiosk.

The 32” self service kiosk is the only transactional kiosk provided by Nummax.
Nummax however also manufactures interactive kiosks. To learn more about these products.

Visit the product web page.

When ordering

  1. Choose one of the 6 configurations of the self-service kiosk
  2. Choose between the Windows or Android operating system

Installation on site (requires 2 persons)

  1. Bring your wired Internet network connection to the installation site
  2. Bring a 110V connection to the installation site
  3. Install the bracket according to the configurations selected when ordering
  4. Install the kiosk on the bracket
  5. Connect both Internet network and electricity to the self-service kiosk
  6. Install your POS

And you are up and running! For more details, look at our installation guide.

When ordering a Nummax’s self-service kiosk you will have to choose one of the following configurations available.

self-service installation

Nummax’s self-service kiosk can be run by a Windows or Android operating system (OS).

When ordering, you have to select which OS will be installed to drive the kiosk.

You will have then to install your POS from the OS. As most (if not all) the POS can be driven on a Windows or Android OS, you will make it easily.

All Nummax products are shipped from our plant in Québec City, Canada.

The warranty on the Nummax digital kiosk is 3 years on both parts and labor. Read our complete warranty contract.

All parts, replacement, service and support are handled by Nummax in Québec City, Canada.

Service and support: 1-877-255-3471 #205  EST