Nummax Academy

Are your used to work with PowerPoint for your presentations?

Nummax made a series of templates to help you prepare your marketing before publishing it in your Nummax display.

  • Download the file acording to your display pixel size
  • Change the content
  • Export as an image .jpg or a video .mp4 (if you added animation)

Template PPT LED Mini Poster 4mm (160×160)

Template PPT LED Pro Poster 2.5mm (256×384)

Template PPT LED Pro Poster 4mm (160×240)

Template PPT LED Pro Poster 5mm (128×192)

Template PPT Interactive Kiosk HD (1080×1920)


Right click to save or copy each image


Pixel Converter for PowerPoint

Watch the video in the Tutorial section: Create your media content with PowerPoint

For 96dpi PowerPoint slide


cm x cm