Create videowalls of any size with consistent colors
and perfect uniform image!

Nummax standard LED cabinet tech guy

Broadcast crisp and sleek image with LED Video Wall

Whether you want to broadcast a live sporting event or create a unique ambiance in your store, restaurant, sports bar or lobby, the LED Video Wall delivers crisp and clear images on an entire wall whatever its dimensions.

By opting to LED wall display instead of a TV wall, you say goodbye to bezels, contrast issues between devices and calibration problems between equipement. LED Video walls provide you twice the lifetime compared to commercial LCD TV. Concretely, it means 10 years of reliable broadcasting.

LED display screen creates clear images even in a sun glaring environment. A large indoor LED screen can also be subdivided to broadcast different live feeds or camera shots.

Get the best value from our preconfigured video walls

At Nummax, we want to democratize LED Videowall by making it easy to shop, to get and install. By building our indoor video wall with standard-size cabinets, we make sure to provide you the best broadcasting solution at the best price. 

With over fifteen configurations available in 3 different pixel pitches, it gives you access to 45 preconfigured video walls delivered all with an IKEA-style installation guide to make your life easier. 

Whether you need a small 1120 mm x 640 mm (3’8” x 2’1”) LED screen or a giant 12 800 mm x 3 360 mm (42′ x 11′); whether your audience is near of far from the screen; you will find a display that match you requirements. 

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Size:44.09″x25.19″x4.52″   (1,120 x 640 x 115mm)
Life Span:+100,000 h
Brightness:1000-1500 nits
Module size:12.59″x6.29″  (320 x 160mm)
Weight:57 lbs (metal cabinet)
Power:AC 110-240V
Consumption average:350W
Working temperature:23-140°F (-5/60°C)
Working humidity:10-80%

Pixel pitch available

For the newbies in the LED technology, pixel pitch is the distance between 2 pixels measured from the center of the first pixel to the center of the second pixel.

Depending where your audience is versus your screen you will require a specific pixel pitch to provide sleek images. The rule of thumb is to get a ratio of 1.8 m per 1 mm to get a perfect image. For example, if your audience is at ±3 meters, you should get a 1.86 mm pixel pitch. However if your audience is at +7m, you should get a 4mm pixel pitch. So choose your pixel pitch based the average distance between your audience and the videowall. 

To learn more about pixel pitch, look at the FAQ section below or contact us!

1.86mm pixel pitch GOB module tile


2.5mm pixel pitch module tile


4mm pixel pitch module tile


Choose your configuration

Ask for prices

Price request

Let us know your location and videowall model reference (pixel pitch and videowall size).
We will ge back to you with project price and delivery fees to your location.

    Size Cabinet Qty Diagram 1.86mm
    Pixel Size
    Pixel Size
    Pixel Size
    1 3’8″ x 2’1″ / 1120 x 640mm 1 one Nummax cabinet 602 x 344 448 x 256 280 x 160
    2 6’3″ x 3’6″ / 1920 x 1120mm 3 three Nummax cabinets 1032 x 602 768 x 448 480 x 280
    3 7’3″ x 4’2″ / 2240 x 1280mm 4 faour Nummax cabinets 1204 x 688 896 x 512 560 x 320
    4 11′ x 6’3″ / 3360 x 1920mm 9 nine Nummax cabinets 1806×1032 1344×768 840×480
    5 12’6″ x 7’3″ / 3840 x 2240mm 12 twelve Nummax cabinets 2065 x 1204 1536 x 896 960 x 560
    6 14’6″ x 8’4″ / 4480 x 2560mm 16 sixteen Nummax cabinets 2409 x 1376 1792 x 1024 1120 x 640
    7 18’3″ x 10’5″ / 5600 x 3200mm 25 twenty five Nummax cabinets 3011 x 1720 2240 x 1280 1400 x 800
    8 21′ x 11′ / 6400 x 3360mm 30 Thirty Nummax cabinets 3441 x 1806 2560 x 1344 1600 x 840
    9 12’6″ x 3’7″ / 3840 x 1120mm 6 six Nummax cabinets 2065 x 602 1536 x 448 960 x 280
    10 14’7″ x 4’2″ / 4480 x 1280mm 8 eight Nummax cabinets 2409 x 688 1792 x 512 1120 x 320
    11 22′ X 6’3″ / 6720 X 1920mm 18 eighteen Nummax cabinets 3613 x 1032 2688 x 768 1680 x 480
    12 25’2″ x 7’3″ / 7680 x 2240mm 24 twenty faour Nummax cabinets 4129 x 1204 3072 x 896 1920 x 560
    13 29’4″ x 8’4″ / 8960 x 2560mm 32 thirty two Nummax cabinets 4817 x 1376 3584 x 1024 2240 x 640
    14 36’7″ x 10’5″ / 11200 x 3200mm 50 fifty Nummax cabinets 6022 x 1720 4480 x 1280 2800 x 800
    15 42′ x 11′ / 12800 x 3360mm 60 sixty Nummax cabinets 6882 x 1806 5120 x 1344 3200 x 840


    Yes, if the distance from your audience is reduced.

    The pixel pitch is the distance between the centres of 2 LED lights on a module. The smaller the pitch, the more pixels you have on your video display and the greater the definition.

    Greater definition allows your audience to be closer to your video display without being able to see the pixels. This is called the minimum effective distance.

    For the 3 pixel pitches we offer, here are the minimum distances required for your audience:
    1.86 mm → 3 m (10′)
    2.5 mm → 4.5 m (13′)
    4 mm → 7 m (23′)

    Beyond a minimum distance of 7 m, you don’t need to choose a pixel pitch below 4 mm.

    Yes, but the suggested configurations have been optimized to provide the best value for money and the best delivery times.

    You can broadcast live content from your suppliers (Videotron, Bell, etc.) using our video processors, or content that you create using our content management software (Nummax Manager AIO).

    Yes, we can do the installation if you’re located in Québec.

    Otherwise, we can easily work with various partners across North America or with your own installer.

    Yes. Our displays come with a detailed installation guide.

    Our equipment is guaranteed for 5 years on parts and labour if the assembly has been installed by us or a Nummax-authorized installer.

    You can read our warranty here.

    Over many years, LEDs can lose brightness and uniformity.

    But this can be easily corrected by replacing the modules and/or calibrating the image.

    Each video screen display comes with replacement LED modules included in your order.

    The installation guide contains information about replacing a module to make your job easier. You can therefore replace any defective module yourself.

    You can also contact our technical support at 1-877-255-3471 #205 (service@nummax.com)

    Currently, our delivery time is 8 weeks for larger configurations.