Standard LED Cabinets for your outdoor displays

Create outdoor billboards of all sizes
with bright and uniform colors!


Optimize billboard advertising with an outdoor LED display

The digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising market is quickly moving towards dynamic signage with LED billboards.

Outdoor digital signage allows vibrant and one-of-a-kind dynamic advertising, regardless of outdoor weather conditions.

The remote access to content updates and the possibility of having a library of many different advertisers on outdoor digital signage offers a fast return on investment compared to traditional billboards.

Get the best value from our preset sizes

At Nummax, we want to democratize LED outdoor displays by making it easy to shop, to get and install. By building our outdoor billboards with standard-size cabinets, we make sure to provide you the best broadcasting solution at the best price.

With 5 different pixel pitches, it gives you access to different billboard choice delivered all with step by step installation guide to make your life easier.

Whether you need a small 1920 mm x 1280 mm (6’4” x 4’2”) LED screen or a giant 15 360 mm x 6 400 mm (50′ x 21′); whether your audience is near of far from the display; you will find a screen that match you requirements.


Size:37.79″x25.19″x4.33″   (960 x 640 x 110mm)
Life span:+100,000 h
Brightness:5500-7000 nits
Module size:12.59″ x 12.59″  (320 x 320mm)
Weight:80 lbs
Power:AC 110-240V
Consumption average:180 – 300W / m² (depending on pixel pitch)
Working temperature:-40/149°F (-40/+65°C)
Wworking humidity:10-90%
Compliance:cETLus  IP65 / IP67

Pixel Pitches Available

For the newbies in the LED technology, pixel pitch is the distance between 2 pixels measured from the center of the first pixel to the center of the second pixel.

Depending where your audience is versus your screen you will require a specific pixel pitch to provide sleek images. The rule of thumb is to get a ratio of 1.8 m per 1 mm to get a perfect image. For example, if your audience is at ±10 meters, you should get a 6.67 mm pixel pitch. However if your audience is at +13m, you should get a 8mm pixel pitch. So choose your pixel pitch based the average distance between your audience and the billboard.

To learn more about pixel pitch, look at the FAQ section below or contact us!






Choose billboard size

Price request

Price Request

Tell us your location and the requested outdoor display dimensions (pixel pitch and billboard size).
We will get back to you with the price of the project and the delivery costs to your address.

    Custom sizes available


    Yes, if the distance from your audience is reduced.

    The pixel pitch is the distance between the centres of 2 LED lights on a module. The smaller the pitch, the more pixels you have on your billboard and the greater the definition.

    Greater definition allows your audience to be closer to your video display without being able to see the pixels. This is called the minimum effective distance. Read our article

    For the 5 pixel pitches we offer, here are the minimum distances required for your audience:

    3.81mm → 6.3m (21′)
    5.33mm → 8.8m (29′)
    6.67mm → 11.1m (36′)
    8mm → 13.3m (43′)
    10mm → 16.6m (54′)

    Beyond a minimum distance of 13.3 m, you don’t need to choose a pixel pitch below 8 mm.

    Yes, but the suggested sizes have been optimized to provide the best value for money and the best delivery times.

    You can broadcast using our content management software (Nummax Manager AIO).

    You can broadcast using our content management software (Nummax Manager AIO).

    Yes, we can do the installation if you’re located in Québec. Otherwise, we can easily work with various partners across North America or with your own installer.
    Yes. Our displays come with a detailed installation guide.

    Our equipment is guaranteed for 5 years.

    You can read our warranty here.

    Over many years, LEDs can lose brightness and uniformity.

    But this can be easily corrected by replacing the modules and/or calibrating the image.

    Each video screen display comes with replacement LED modules included in your order.

    The installation guide contains information about replacing a module to make your job easier. You can therefore replace any defective module yourself.

    You can also contact our technical support at 1-877-255-3471 #205 (