Discover the making of the LED video wall at the Grand Royal Casino in Wôlinak

Nummax regularly produces large LED video displays for various types of businesses and corporate or public places, such as the Grand Royal Casino in Wôlinak.

This project, coordinated by iGotcha Media, highlighted the Nummax team’s potential to design, produce and install LED video displays.

The client’s expectations were clear and the challenges were multiple. Each solution chosen enhanced the technical performance of the products.

Discover Nummax LED screens in this case study on the opening of the Grand Royal Casino in Wôlinak:

Here is how the project was carried out.



How the idea emerged from the architect’s plan for the Casino Grand Royal in Wôlinak

To begin, we started with the architect’s plan.
The client outlined his vision for this project. In this case, it was a question of surrounding visitors of the casino in an immersive environment and transporting them from one atmosphere to another by changing images in very large formats.

plan caasino Grand Royal


The multitude of colours and lights of slot machines in a casino environment was the first challenge. To be immersive, LED displays must be very large to fill the viewer’s visual space.

In addition, to ensure that the visitors felt like they were in the middle of the image, the LED display had to incorporate a sense of depth, whether it was by following the walls or by its shape (circular column, curves, cubes, etc.).


Nummax LED column made for the Casino bar area with 3mm Flex modules and 360° image processing


The plan allowed the Nummax team to build the project according to the architect’s specifications. The preliminary analysis lead to the adaptation of walls and electrical installations to meet the physical constraints of the equipment used.

In this case, the main challenge was to produce perfect angles (on three axes) to join the main facade display with the corridor LED displays that heads to the slot room.


Écran LED d'angle


Analysis and details of the LED video wall project

For the design of the main LED video wall and the whole interior part of the corridor, an overview plan was produced to detail the needs and quantity of parts required.

vue mur écran casino grand royalvue écrans LED couloir

These plans defined the LED cabinets to be modelled for custom fabrication, the position of the electrical and network inputs, the signal path in the cabinets, the distribution of the zones to be programmed and the final measurements of the walls behind the video display.

For this project, the displays covered 56.1 M² (603.8 ft²) of the surface, with a total weight of 4461 lbs.

The maximum energy requirement was 44880 Watts (full brightness of a white image), which required 15 electrical circuits of 200-240V at 20 Amps.

As for the parts:

  • 61 metal cabinets, including 7 corner cabinets on which the LED modules were perfectly joined at 90°
  • 1744 LED modules with 4 mm pixel pitch and brightness of 1500 nits
  • 1 video processor to manage the image on the surface of the main LED wall and the three walls of the corridor
  • The image is managed with 10 zones (10 network outputs from the video processor)


modélisation zone de programmationzone du video processeur



Manufacturing the LED video wall at the Grand Royal Casino in Wôlinak

Once all the technical aspects were defined, production started.

Nummax controlled every step of the manufacturing process for the cabinets.
The first step was 3D modelling on Solidworks, during which the chosen solution was used to obtain a three-axis LED display with a negative angle.

This step is the strength of Nummax, which is able to create 100% custom LED video walls.

The parts were then manufactured and assembled while Nummax’s operations manager gave instructions to the on-site contractor on how to prepare the walls and ensure that the measurements were respected.

The location of the electrical outlets and network cables had to correspond to the openings on the back of the cabinets.

Nummax LED cabinets are ETL certified. They are manufactured with safety perforations for the passage of wires and cables as well as for anchoring points. No improvised drilling can be done so as to maintain the integrity of each part. That is why the operations manager carefully monitored the preparation of the walls.

Once the LED display wall was manufactured, all the cabinets were connected and put into service at the Nummax plant in Québec City. All the cards were also programmed and tested with the video processor.

Then, on D-Day, the Nummax team went to the Grand Royal Casino in Wôlinak to install each cabinet.



LED cabinets installation and module adjustment

In this project, the goal was to install the corners first in order to perfectly control the alignment. The walls were previously prepared with ¾ plywood that was capable of supporting the weight of the screen (4461 lbs).


Installation of the angle LED enclosures


Corridor cabinets’ installation and adjustment of the ceiling angles


Installation of the facade’s LED cabinets



The technicians then connected the network cables and signal in all the cabinets according to the project plan.
The lit video wall was used to check that the signal ran perfectly throughout the entire LED display.

To finish the installation, the technicians adjusted the alignment of some of the modules.


Here are additional pictures of the project:



A large LED video wall is good. But with content, it is even better!

To immerse visitors, special details had to be considered for the content.
It is the client’s responsibility to produce its own images and videos.
However, Nummax created an Adobe AfterEffect template so that content creators could edit their images and videos without worrying about assembling the images in the LED wall.

Different zone configurations were possible. Each zone had to be contained within a size of 4096 x 2160 pixels to be processed by the video processor.

The chosen configuration


An Adobe AfterEffect file was created for each zone and repositioned accordingly.

Here is an example of video content produced by the client, integrated into the template, exported in video format, and displayed by the video processor.

An immersive feeling is immediately apparent.

videowall content



What is your next LED video wall project?

Each giant LED display project is unique.
To meet the specific needs of each project, Nummax custom designs and manufactures the LED cabinets required for the project.
Thanks to our vertically integrated production and installation, technical challenges are met with the best solutions.

If you have a video wall project, don’t hesitate to ask for a quote.

Nummax LED displays are manufactured in North America and are ETL certified. With a choice of pixel pitches between 5 mm to 1.86mm, you can select the resolution according to the images you want to display and the distance of your audience.
All our products come with a 5-year warranty and bilingual technical support.

Finally, if your project remains within standard dimensions (see our different configurations) you will benefit from a fast delivery time.

Don’t wait! Contact us today!



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