Nummax and Colorlight join forces to redefine LED display in North America

The LED display industry is entering a new era of partnership and innovation as North American and Asian brands, Nummax and Colorlight, announce an enhanced collaboration. For many years, these renowned manufacturers have worked hand in hand, but today they are taking a decisive step forward by expanding their partnership for product distribution in Canada and the rest of North America. This alliance promises to push the boundaries of LED display and introduce exciting new technologies, paving the way for future immersive visual experiences.


A fruitful collaboration with Colorlight

Nummax, a Canadian company specialized in LED displays and interactive kiosks, has always aimed to provide high-quality products to its customers. That’s why Nummax has relied on Colorlight’s electronic components for the creation of its LED displays for many years. This collaboration has led to the development of innovative and high-performing solutions that meet the highest industry standards.
Colorlight is a leading manufacturer in the LED display industry. This renowned Chinese manufacturer is recognized worldwide for its extensive range of electronic components and LED display equipment. With its constant pursuit of excellence, Colorlight is at the forefront of new LED display technologies. Advancements such as in-Camera VFX for virtual set creation, 3D display control for immersive customer experiences, and screen calibration, which will enable unmatched color accuracy, offer exceptional visual quality for the most demanding applications.


Driving innovation

However, this partnership goes beyond mere product distribution. Nummax and Colorlight also aim to closely collaborate in developing customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of North American clients. Together, they position themselves as drivers of innovation, ready to explore new frontiers and push the limits of LED display.
Whether you are a retailer looking to captivate your customers’ attention, an event organizer in search of stunning stage design, or a company eager to stand out in a constantly evolving digital landscape, Nummax and Colorlight are here to turn your ideas into reality.
This enhanced partnership also paves the way for strategic expansion in the North American market. With an extensive geographical presence and a solid reputation, these two manufacturers are ready to conquer new territories and become key players in the LED display industry in North America.


The future is bright, and it lies in the hands of Nummax and Colorlight. Get ready to be amazed by LED screens of unparalleled beauty, virtual sets that transport you to another universe, and visual experiences that exceed all your expectations. This partnership marks the beginning of a new era of LED display in North America.


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