Nummax – Libertevision: A successful acquisition!

The year 2022 will have been a post-covid renaissance for many companies.

Nummax has resumed a growth rate in manufacturing LED displays and interactive kiosks with promising indicators.
The new strategy led the company to acquire Libertevision, a busines specialized in dynamic LED signs.

Libertevision is a strong and recognized brand mainly in Quebec, but also in the rest of Canada. Richard Laliberté, its founder, and David Vachon, its vice-president, have been able to establish the company reputation with municipalities and sign companies with which they frequently collaborate.

Richard Laliberté’s involvement in the Quebec Sign Industry Association and in the Canadian Sign Association has made it possible to develop the company’s collaboration with sign companies and its expertise in outdoor dynamic LED displays.
It is for this reason Libertevision brand will remain for outdoor led signs.

By making this acquisition, Nummax is positioning itself as the leading supplier-manufacturer in Quebec by combining its know-how in indoor LED displays with Libertevision’s outdoor LED display sales force.
At the same time, Nummax has doubled its production capacity in Quebec and is preparing to conquer the Canadian and American market.

If you have a dynamic LED display project and want to work with a partner who produces, assembles, stores and delivers from North America, Nummax will hold your attention and convince you with its attractive prices.

Do not hesitate to contact us:

Steven Phillips, Indoor LED displays & Interactives kiosks, 1-877-255-3471 #204

David Vachon, Outdoor LED signs, 1-855-437-0022




Phil Portugal

Phil Portugal | VP Marketing at Nummax | LinkedIn

Phil has worked in the sign industry since 1994. First in Europe and then in Canada where he was able to broaden his skills and technical knowledge, his creative force and marketing approach. Always concerned with offering the best solutions to users and customers, he is constantly involved in R&D, production and sales.