Nummax publishes its projects portfolio designed and manufactured in North America

Nummax is an outdoor and indoor LED displays manufacturer as well as interactive touchscreen kiosks.
We design our LED display projects starting with a needs analysis (electrical, network, infrastructure, etc.) and 3D modeling.
The parts are ordered or sent to manufacturing then assembled, configured and tested in our Quebec factory.
This manufacturing strategy in North America is accompanied by a bilingual support service to help our customers in the commissioning and monitoring of their projects.

Since 2009 Nummax has enabled many business partners (integrator, AV, installers, designers, etc.) to offer digital signage solutions at very competitive prices.
This strategy has made it possible to carry out various large-scale projects in Canada and the United States, the results of which Nummax shares in its portfolio accessible online via the link:



This portfolio will be updated with new major achievements.

If you have a project, whatever its size, do not hesitate to communicate with Nummax


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Phil Portugal

Phil Portugal | VP Marketing at Nummax | LinkedIn

Phil has worked in the sign industry since 1994. First in Europe and then in Canada where he was able to broaden his skills and technical knowledge, his creative force and marketing approach. Always concerned with offering the best solutions to users and customers, he is constantly involved in R&D, production and sales.