The advantages of GOB (Glue On Board) LED modules for your indoor LED display project

Indoor video displays have become an essential communication tool for businesses. They are used to display advertisements, promotions, product information, restaurant menus, transportation schedules, and much more. For these screens to be effective, they must be reliable, strong, durable, and offer exceptional image quality. This is where GOB LED modules come in.


The vulnerability of LED modules

Traditional LED modules are made by directly soldering LED chips to the pcb circuit board. This manufacturing method leaves the LED chips exposed to the external environment.

Non-GOB LED modules are not protected against water, dust, and impacts. If an LED module is exposed to splashing water or moisture, the LED chips can be damaged. Additionally, dust can accumulate between the chips, which reduces image quality and makes cleaning difficult or even impossible, causing reliability and durability issues. Finally, accidental impact can damage LED chips and cause failures.


On the other hand, GOB LED modules are protected by a layer of resin (glue) that completely covers the surface of the LED chips. This resin layer protects the LED against water, dust, and impacts. GOB LED modules are therefore much more resistant and durable than traditional LED modules.

GOB LED modules are also much easier to clean than non-GOB LED modules. As the surface is smooth and covered in resin, it is easy to clean with a soft cloth and mild cleaning product. The resin also protects the LED cells against harsh cleaning products.


The advantages of GOB (Glue On Board) LED modules

Another advantage of GOB LED modules is that they offer the same image quality as traditional LED modules. The resin layer does not affect the brightness, color, or sharpness of the image. GOB LED modules offer exceptional image quality and can be used in all kinds of applications, including videowalls.

GOB LED modules are also easier to install than traditional LED modules. Being less fragile, their handling is facilitated and allows faster installation.

Finally, GOB LED modules are more cost-effective than traditional LED modules in the mid term. While GOB LED modules are slightly more expensive to purchase than traditional LED modules, their durability and impact resistance mean they have a longer lifespan. Companies do not need to replace GOB LED modules as traditional LED modules, reducing mid-term costs.


In conclusion, GOB LED modules are a wise choice for indoor video displays as they offer increased durability and impact, water and dust resistance while providing the same image quality as traditional LED modules. GOB LED modules are also easier to clean and install than traditional LED modules, and are more cost-effective in the mid term due to their extended lifespan. Companies that invest in GOB LED modules can be assured of the reliability and quality of their indoor video displays, which can help strengthen their brand image and increase visibility to their customers.

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