LED Window Display

Capture people’s attention. Reel them in!

Easy-to-install display network for digital advertising

Designed specifically for storefronts, the window display series broadcasts promotions that people will see from far away, whether it is sunny or cloudy outside. Thanks to the signage’s integrated brightness sensor, the digital advertising’s animations will adapt to ambient  lighting solution in real time.

Whether you have a single or multiple store locations, you can display ads remotely and easily with our Nummax Manager Software. With just a few clicks, change the content of your digital signs or modify ad sequences in all or specific locations.

This LED window digital signage solution is available for outward broadcasting only, or both outward and inward to both grab the attention of potential customers outside while the other facade works on upselling customers already in your establishment.

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Window digital signage specifications

Here are some technical features of the Nummax LED Window Display

  1. Available on outward broadcasting only or both outward and inward
  2. Brightness up to 5,500 nits
  3. Adjustable brightness according to the external environment
  4. Sun readable
  5. 10 years lifespan
  6. 5 years of warranty
  7. Wi-Fi and hardwire connection
  8. Easy to update content remotely or on site
  9. Easy to install and requires minimal infrastructure
  10. Available in standard and custom sizes
  11. Certified FCC and ETL

Advantages of digital signage solutions

Eye-catching and attractive

Striking, responsive communication made possible through the display of messages in real time.


A significant reduction in your marketing investment, using an infinite variety of messages at very low production cost, which can be replaced as often as you wish. You can even test their performance to optimize their effectiveness.


Optimum return on investment and rapid results through an effective marketing strategy. Dynamic signage will give your messages more impact than ever.

Simple, flexible broadcasting

Our easy-to-use Management Software, Nummax Manager, lets you remotely plan the broadcast of all types of contents in minutes. Dynamic signage makes it possible to tailor your messages to the time of day or the needs of different markets.

Custom LED window display examples

NUMMAX-M-100 P2.5 MM NUMMAX-M-100 P2.5 MM

Dimension 480 X 480 mm Square LED Screen

Datasheet PDF
NUMMAX-250 P5 mm NUMMAX-250 P5 mm

Dimension 640 x 640 mm Square LED Screen

Datasheet PDF

Dimension 1280 x 640 mm Horizontal or vertical

Datasheet PDF

Dimension 1280 x 640 mm Horizontal or vertical

Datasheet PDF

Why Nummax?

  • An experienced LED window display manufacturer that knows technology inside out
  • Ahead of the curve in the latest market innovations
  • Solutions aligned with your client’s business reality and budget
  • Customize any LED digital display or digital kiosk
  • Intuitive and simple-to-use content management platform
  • Easy and fast to install using a step-by-step installation guide
  • No hassles partner that is easy to do business with
  • Unmatched customer service
  • All our products are certified FCC and ETL