Gone are the days of static advertising signs: today, it’s all about dynamic digital displays! NUMMAX offers a multimedia solution that’s effective, flexible and economical, an attractive, sustainable, cutting-edge communication tool with a host of advantages! Broadcast messages can easily be updated using Nummax Manager management software, which allows you to display rich, eye-catching multimedia content, either on the fly or using advance programming. Optimizing your communication for your customers has never been easier!

Choose dynamic digital signage and advertise your products, services and promotions where you want, when you want!


Inform, announce, communicate. A unique way to attract attention

Both proactive and reactive, dynamic signage allows you to advertise your promotions, entertain and inform to maximize the impact of your messages. You can quickly adapt to your clientele and your environment through effective, instantaneous updating of your messages, while providing visitors with a unique experience that enhances your brand image.

Familles de produits


Eye-catching and attractive

Striking, responsive communication made possible through the display of messages in real time.


A significant reduction in your marketing investment, using an infinite variety of messages at very low production cost, which can be replaced as often as you wish. You can even test their performance to optimize their effectiveness.


Up-to-date communication, campaigns that are better received and more effective as a result of cutting-edge technology, which enhances your organization’s image.

Simple, flexible broadcasting

Our easy-to-use Management Software, Nummax Manager, lets you remotely plan the broadcast of all types of contents in minutes. Dynamic signage makes it possible to tailor your messages to the time of day or the needs of different markets.


Optimum return on investment and rapid results through an effective marketing strategy. Dynamic signage will give your messages more impact than ever.

Energy efficient

With economical, environmentally friendly digital communication, your old paper signs will be a distant memory. We guarantee the quality of our products, which are specially designed to last. Save paper using equipment that is low in power consumption and meets all the requirements of sustainable development.

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