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Why Nummax?

The best quality-price ratio

We are a LED digital display manufacturer and we have a deep knowledge on how to design long-lasting products at a very competitive price.

A tech team in your backyard

With Nummax you will get a tech team ready to help you on the phone, by email and on site.

A creative R&D team

Take full advantage of our research and development team who designs new products on a regular basis and integrates the most reliable technologies on the market.

Easy to install

All our digital display solutions are designed to be easy to install. They come with a clear IKEA-style installation guide.

North-American product

We are a company based in North America with north american quality standards. Do business with us and give you peace of mind.


Our software platform, namely Nummax Manager, makes content management easy and intuitive on all our digital displays.

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    FEATURED LED and dynamic digital DISPLAYs SOLUTIONS

    LED PRO Poster - Dynamic digital display solution for storefronts

    Our LED PRO Poster is a digital display solution especially designed for storefronts. Whether you’re an independent business or a large company, you’ll be able to schedule the distribution of your content and promotions for the days, weeks and months to come!

    Do you own several locations? Take advantage of our Nummax Manager cloud solution to manage the distribution of your promotions remotely, and in real time. In addition to ensuring that your promotions are distributed uniformly at all locations, you’ll also have the ability to schedule more specific content in each one.

    This digital display solution for storefronts installs in 20 minutes, requires no IT specialist and provides a quick return on your investment.

    Online ordering available!

    LED Pro Poster chez Couchetard

    LED Video Wall - Indoor display

    At Nummax, we’ve made it our duty to make it easier to use LED video walls. Whether you want to broadcast inspiring videos in which your products are showcased, create a unique atmosphere in your business or liven up your sports bar by broadcasting live sports events, Nummax’s giant LED screens will provide a vivid, captivating image over the entire surface of a wall, regardless of its size.

    Choosing a Nummax LED screen wall will help you free yourself from walls of multiple televisions with criss-crossed images; you’ll overcome the colour contrasts between one LCD TV and another; and you’ll enjoy a giant screen that is designed to provide 10 years of constant broadcasting.

    We have a selection of more than 45 screens of different sizes and resolutions, so you can benefit from the best value for money on the market.

    Consult this product’s page to learn more.

    videowall led display

    LED digital billboard

    The outdoor sign industry is rapidly moving towards digital signage. Outdoor LED billboards provide 24/7 visibility regardless of the surrounding conditions. Its brightness automatically adjusts for optimal visibility and power consumption. Digital signs make it possible to scroll through several advertising campaigns in parallel, in addition to being able to update your content remotely and in real time thanks to the Nummax Manager content management platform.

    Our waterproof (IP68) cabinets are built to last, made of aluminum and comply with Canadian and American Interfering-Equipment Standards (FCC standards).

    New pixel pitch for the PM LED outdoor display

    Indoor interactive touch screen kiosk

    Many merchants or operators of public places, such as shopping centres, are more frequently using interactive kiosks to improve the customer experience. Our digital kiosks are equipped with a Windows™ or Android™ operating system and are compatible with the most common applications, including directing customers (wayfinding) and display advertising.

    Our terminals contain a computer and an internet connection. You can install interactive applications in an educational context, such as in a museum or a historical site, or to offer more information about the products on sale in a store.

    All of our digital kiosk displays are delivered ready-to-use and only require access to a 110V power supply and the internet, whether wired or wireless.

    Online ordering available!

    55'' interactive kiosk at PM

    Outdoor touch screen kiosk

    More and more public places are being equipped with an outdoor touch screen kiosk to energize the site and to guide visitors. In fact, municipalities are now using this digital equipment to promote their sporting and cultural activities; strengthen pride by promoting the achievement of local projects; and to promote local businesses.
    Outdoor interactive kiosks are also used to share educational content at historic or busy sites.

    Nummax outdoor kiosks are available with 2 screen sizes to choose from: 55 or 75 inches. Each kiosk includes a computer and a modem for a wired or wireless internet connection. They can withstand our unpredictable weather, both in summer and winter.

    borne interactive extérieure

    Self-service kiosk

    With the labour shortage faced by the fast food industry and retail businesses, digital self-service kiosks have become a must. They are highly-efficient at processing orders, and systematically apply best sales practices in order to increase your customers’ average bills.

    The self-service kiosk is available with Windows™ or Android ™ operating systems, which makes it compatible with all POS (Point of Sales) systems. It can be installed in 4 different ways (on a stand, on the wall, on a post, and as a floor-to-ceiling column) to integrate harmoniously into the points of sales’ layout.

    There are also other accessories available, such as a scanner, a camera, a printer and a near field communication system (NFC), to make this self-service kiosk your best toolally to help increase your sales.

    Man ordering on Nummax self-service kiosk

    Drive-thru kiosk solution

    Installing a drive-thru ordering service often requires a complex process, an expensive system and an installation that stretches out over a long period of time, but the Nummax drive-through display solution is an affordable and easy-to-use system to install.

    Our drive-thru ordering system includes an outdoor display kiosk that showcases your menu, a communications system that activates when a vehicle approaches, and a headset for taking orders.

    With the Nummax Manager content management platform, you can schedule different menus to display according to the time of day and share product promotions between customer orders.

    Drive-thru kiosk front view